Return codes

The V‑Cloud /transcribe endpoint returns HTTP status codes for both successful and problematic connections. The following list details the possible status codes:

200 OK

Communication with the V‑Cloud server was successful and a requestid was returned for results.

202 Accepted

The results requested from /transcribe/result are not yet available. Wait a few moments and retry the request.

400 Bad Request

The attempted request contains an invalid argument. Review the request for errors and try again.

401 Invalid Token
The attempted request contains an invalid authorization token. Check your token and try again. Contact for assistance.
422 Unprocessable Entity

The results requested from /transcribe/result do not exist because the initial /transcribe request data was invalid and could not be processed.

405 Method Not Allowed

The request used an invalid HTTP method. POST is the only valid method to submit a request to the /transcribe endpoint.

GET and DELETE are valid request methods for the /transcribe/result endpoint.

500 Internal Server Error

Indicates an internal issue with the V‑Cloud server. Retry the request and contact if the issue persists.

502 Bad Gateway

A required service for the request was inaccessible. If the request includes a URL audio source, there may be an issue with the connection to the remote file provider.

503 Service Unavailable

V‑Cloud is temporarily unavailable. The issue might be caused by too many active connections or an unavailable internal service. Generally, V-Cloud limits the /transcribe endpoint to 128 concurrent connections per IP address and the /transcribe/result endpoint to 32 concurrent connections per IP address. For questions or additional information, contact

504 Gateway Timeout

The request was unable to complete within a reasonable amount of time. Retry the request.

Note: Status return codes from failed requests usually include an error message with additional details to identify the problem. If an issue persists, document the return code and error message and contact