Manual imports

Importing is the process of collecting external media and/or data and bringing it in to a Medallia Video channel. The most commonly imported media is cloud storage hosted video files. The most commonly imported data is first collected elsewhere and exported, such as from an externally hosted survey software. The Imports screen allows you to manually import media and/or data using pre-configured templates.

See the following topics for available imports and templates:

Imports screen

The Imports screen displays a list of all import template files uploaded to the channel.

Use the Search, Status, Type, and Owner options at the top of the screen to filter the list of uploaded import templates.

  • Search — Searches the Filename field. Click x in the Search field to reset.

  • Status — Use to display a list of import templates based on status. By default, displays all templates (All). Select New to display the most recently uploaded templates that have not begun processing. Select Complete to view templates that have successfully uploaded. Select Error to view templates that encountered an error during processing and could not complete. Select Processing to view templates currently processing.

  • Type — Use to display a list of import temples based on type. Select Media to view media imports. Select Data to select filter data imports. External Metadata is a deprecated service.

  • Owner — Use to display a list of import templates that you uploaded (My Imports) or all templates (All Imports) uploaded to the channel. By default, the screen displays My Imports.

The Imports screen displays the following information about all import templates uploaded to a channel.

  • Filename — The import template file name.
  • Type — Identifies whether the import template was a Media Import or Data Import.
  • User — Identifies the user that uploaded the import template.
  • Row Count — The number of rows in the import template minus the header row.

  • Created Date — Date that the import template was uploaded.
  • Status

    • Complete — The import template successfully uploaded.
    • Error — The import template encountered an error during processing and could not complete.
    • New — The most recently uploaded template that has not begun processing.
    • Processing — The import template is processing.

Available actions

The following actions are available on the Imports screen.

View import data — Available for a Media Import. View a summary of the media import and view error messaging if the Status is Error.