Q2 FY 2021 Release Notes

Important changes made to Medallia Agent Connect in the Q2 FY 2021 release:

Agent Performance Management

Performance management

What it is

Agent Connect now offers a new unified reporting dashboard with in-depth reporting across all of your feedback and QA metrics. See the big picture, drill into details, and quickly identify who and how to coach to improve performance.

Why does it matter

This new dashboard was designed not only to give you better visibility into performance, but also to drive tactical improvements across your front line. With Agent Performance Management, you can leverage more robust reporting capabilities, truly compare QA and CSAT performance side-by-side, and launch easy coaching workflows off any metric.

How to use it

Understand performance in context.

  • Compare QA and CSAT metrics side-by-side to get a better picture of performance.
  • Compare performance against the greater team, the overall company, or a different time period.

Drill into the details.

  • Break down performance by channel, tag, and areas of excellence or improvement to understand which areas of your business to focus on for improvements.
  • View trends over time with data visualizations in a chart, line graph, or bar graph.
  • Uncover all of the feedback and QA reviews that are contributing to a metric.

Drive recognition or improvement off any metric by saving performance to 1:1 sessions, for the ability to coach with context.

Stella Connect and Text Analytics

Medallia Text Analytics

What it is

This new solution combines the power of Medallia Text Analytics and Agent Connect to enable organizations to quickly view trends across customer survey comments, uncover blind spots, and identify top opportunities for improvement.

Why does it matter

Instead of manually combing through and analyzing customer survey comments, leverage this bundled solution to automatically detect macro-level themes and sentiments from qualitative feedback you are receiving from customers at scale. Empower front-line teams to quickly identify opportunities to make changes that matter, and share them with the broader organization.

How to use it

Reach out to your CSO to learn more about Text Analytics and Agent Connect.

QA acknowledgements and appeals

Thumbs icons for acknowledgements

What it is

Acknowledgements and Appeals help drive agent engagement and trust in your QA program (while also providing valuable insight into the quality and accuracy of the program) by collecting agent feedback on their individual QA reviews. With streamlined workflows, Acknowledgements and Appeals have been purpose-built to help you run a healthy, effective QA program that leads to more meaningful coaching opportunities and amazing customer experiences.

Why does it matter

A healthy QA program should involve a strong post-review feedback loop between agents, managers, coaches, and QA reviewers. Acknowledgements and Appeals bring these aspects to your QA program:

  • Collaboration — Create stronger post-review feedback loops between agents, team leaders, coaches, and QA teams.
  • Trust — Build a healthy QA program where agents have the opportunity to give feedback on reviews, which builds trust in the program.
  • Engagement — Ensure that agents are reading all QA reviews and are engaged in the QA program, rather than feeling anxious about it.
  • Quality — Understand how often agents are receiving reviews containing issues/mistakes to monitor the health of your QA program and prioritize ongoing learning/coaching for QA reviewers, too.

How to use it

Acknowledgement is a mechanism to allow agents to give a simple thumbs up to acknowledge they have read and understand the contents of a QA review. Just one click and acknowledgement is complete.

The Appeal flow allows an agent to give a thumbs down, indicating that there’s an issue or mistake in scoring, or perhaps something they just need clarification on. With just one click, agents will kick off the Appeals flow where they’ll select the answer(s) they’re appealing on the QA review’s scorecard and add a reason for the Appeal before submitting.

Stella Connect and Zingle

Zingle and Stella Connect

What it is

Another new turnkey integration leverages the Medallia Zingle text messaging solution to send Agent Connect surveys via SMS.

Why does it matter

Prior to this integration, sending a Agent Connect survey via SMS was only supported by a small number of CRMs and required a manual set-up. With the combined power of Agent Connect and Zingle, you can now collect feedback from customers on-the-go.

How to use it

Reach out to your CSO to learn more about Agent Connect and Zingle

Coming soon

We are updating the Agent Connect UI in line with Medallia branding, so look out for some new color palettes on our dashboard.

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