Introducing Agent Connect

Medallia Agent Connect (formerly Stella Connect) connects customer feedback, QA, and coaching to give customer service leaders better visibility into performance, boost front-line team engagement, and efficiently increase customer satisfaction.

Agent Connect collects agent-level feedback from customers after every service interaction. Customers can rate agents, leave comments about their experiences, suggest rewards, and make recommendations for areas of improvement. Feedback is shared directly with agents, managers, and QA teams in real-time through streams, dashboards, and performance leaderboards.

Integrated workflows in Agent Connect connect customer feedback with QA reviews, providing more context around customer interactions and pinpointing coaching opportunities as they happen. This keeps team members productive and connected to their customers, and creates an efficient, real-time loop where Team Members get feedback from a customer, take action, and then close the loop with that customer within an hour.

Medallia Agent Connect includes the following sets of features, each of which is a key component in ensuring that customer interactions with your team are productive and satisfying.

Note: Your company can use the Customer Feedback and Quality Assurance (QA) components alone or together. However, one or both are required for the 1:1s component.

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback is the agent-focused component of Agent Connect that helps you understand how customers feel about their interactions with your team. It uses a short survey to gather feedback from customers in a consistent way, and then displays real-time metrics in reports tailored for Team Members, Team Leaders, and Administrators. For more information about viewing customer feedback data, see Reports.

Agent Connect surveys can also include Areas of Excellence and Areas of Improvement, where customers identify aspects of the interaction that were delightful or disappointing. When a customer has a negative experience, use the service recovery function to respond to respond to that customer and improve the relationship. For more information, see Customer Feedback.

Customer feedback in the Stream

Use Marketing features to drive sales, improve customer loyalty, and increase awareness of your company. For example, you might have a referral or loyalty program you want highlighted in your survey. You might also want to encourage customers to share their experiences on social networking sites. For more information, see Marketing features.

Quality Assurance (QA)

The QA component of makes it easy to launch QA reviews of actual customer feedback, and investigate the driving factors behind both positive and negative customer interactions. Agent Connect assigns QA reviewers representative samples of customer feedback for review.

Scorecards provide a framework for multiple QA reviewers to approach their reviews in a consistent manner. For example, a scorecard might ask reviewers to identify whether the Team Member used the customer's name during the interaction, or whether the Team Member showed empathy for the customer's situation.

A QA dashboard

QA reviewers can message Team Members directly during reviews, to ask questions and to learn more about that Team Member's interaction with the customer.

QA reviewers can leave comments as annotations to interaction transcripts. For example, the reviewer might have identified a perfect interaction from a Team Member, and would like to call attention to that interaction in the review. The reviewer might also have identified process issues that need to be corrected. Annotations are visible in QA interaction reports.

For more information about the Quality Assurance component of Agent Connect, see Quality Assurance.


An important responsibility of Team Leaders is to coach Team Members about how best to ensure customers are happy and satisfied after each interaction. This includes identifying things Team Members already do exceptionally well, as well as things Team Members need to improve.

The primary tool used for coaching in Agent Connect is the 1:1 meeting. Traditionally, 1:1 meetings can be arduous for both Team Members and Team Leaders. With Agent Connect, however, 1:1 meetings and their outcomes are visible, actionable, engaging, and impactful.

1:1s for a Team Member

Everyone with access to Agent Connect can save specific pieces of customer feedback, scores, or QA reviews for later discussion during a 1:1. For example, a QA reviewer might want to highlight remarks from happy customers so the responsible Team Members can be recognized by their Team Leaders in upcoming 1:1s. A Team Leader might see a low score from a customer that is known to be difficult, and want to discuss the best ways to interact with that specific customer. A Team Member with questions about a specific customer interaction might save that interaction for discussion during the next 1:1.

For more information about coaching and 1:1s, see 1:1s.