Company information

Team Leaders and Admins use the Company Info screen to configure company settings. The screen includes several sections, as detailed below.

Company fields

Company fields configure basic information, such as your company name and the URL used when signing in to Medallia Agent Connect.

Company fields

Company Name
The name that represents your company. Your Company Name is shown in surveys and throughout Agent Connect.
User Login URL
The web address for signing in to Agent Connect. Customers also see the address in emails from your company.
Forward emails to
Email address to receive emails when customers reply directly to a feedback email instead of leaving a star rating.
Suppression period (in days)
The number of days additional surveys are suppressed for any specific customer. For example, this prevents customers from receiving several survey emails when several people on your team are working to resolve an issue. If you do not want to survey a customer more than once in a day, enter 1 for this field.


Turn on the channels you plan to use during customer interactions. You can customize the customer survey experience for each channel. For more information, see Surveys.

Reports enable you to evaluate the performance of your team across channels. For more information, see Reports.

Channel selections


Branding controls the company logo and colors your customers see in the connect requests you send after an interaction. For detailed configuration information, see Branding.