Branding controls the company logo and colors your customers see in the connect requests you send after an interaction.

Main brand settings

Configure your company branding on the Company Info screen in Settings. When you are done, click Update Company at the bottom of the screen.

Branding fields on the Company Info screen

Company Logo
Click Upload image to add a company image that appears at the the top of your surveys. Use a horizontal format with a transparent or white background. The image should be at least 400px wide and 100px tall, but Medallia Agent Connect attempts to resize images to make sure your logo fits on all screen sizes.
Brand color
The primary color used in the feedback flow your customers see. Specify a hex color value starting with an octothorpe (#).

Multi-brand functionality

You can use several different brand identities in your Agent Connect instance, presenting different logos and colors in surveys and reports.

Note: This functionality is disabled by default. Contact your Medallia representative if you need it enabled. After the feature is enabled, the Company Info screen shows configuration fields for each brand.

After you configure the logos and colors of each brand, include the Brand Label value in the data your company passes to Agent Connect through the API. Agent Connect uses that value to determine which brand to use in the surveys sent to your customers.

With multi-brand configurations, you can also define a separate Suppression period for each brand on the Company Info screen. This value specifies how many days must pass before a customer can be sent another survey.

When the configuration is complete, relevant, brand-specific feedback requests are sent to customers automatically through your CRM system. Team Members managing customer inquiries across multiple brands can see overall feedback, and can filter feedback by individual brands. Team Leaders can also filter by brand on the dashboards.