Notifications and alerts

Learning about negative feedback and responding quickly can help you recover from poor service, and perhaps turn an unsatisfied customer into company promoter. To help you, Medallia Agent Connect provides two ways for you to be notified when negative feedback arrives: browser notifications and email alerts.

Browser notifications

Browser notifications let you know when specific types of customer feedback arrive, as defined by you. Most commonly, Team Members use notifications to highlight when they receive a piece of negative feedback so they can respond quickly.

Browser notifications appear as long as you have Agent Connect open in a browser tab, even if the tab is minimized. Clicking a notification instantly opens the specific piece of customer feedback in Agent Connect.

  1. In the Filter Responses area of the Stream, click the bell icon.

    A notifications box appears.

    Browser notification configuration

  2. Click Set up notifications.
  3. In the Filters area of the Stream, select filters for the types of responses you want to generate notifications.

    For example, you might want to receive notifications only for responses that give you one or two stars, and only for interactions started through the phone channel.

  4. In the notifications box, click Next.
  5. In the browser confirmation dialog, click Allow.
  6. In the notifications box, click Continue, and then click Close.

Email alerts

Email alerts notify Team Leaders every time one of their Team Members receives negative feedback. As a Team Leader, you can configure your Stream to send alerts only for one-star responses only, or for any response less than four stars.

  1. In the Filter Responses area of the Stream, click the bell icon.

    A notifications and alerts box appears.

    Email alerts configuration

  2. Click Email alerts.
  3. Select whether you want to receive email alerts for 1 star responses only, or for All negative responses (1, 2, or 3 stars).
  4. Click Save.