Often, Team Member experiences with feedback are centered around customers who feel negatively. Over time, this can create a demotivating environment that leads to burnout.

A customer-driven rewards system helps to motivate Team Members to be their best. The positive reinforcement aids in building habits and skills that result in great support experiences for your customers. Motivated Team Members are happier, more engaged with their work, and experience burnout less often. As a result, attrition rates are decreased.

With the Medallia Agent Connect rewards system, you to choose which rewards are available to Team Members, and customers recommend when Team Members deserve to be rewarded.

The Rewards tab


Consider the following questions before you configure rewards in Agent Connect:

  • What type of rewards do you want available to your Team Members? — Think about rewards that fit your brand and are aligned with your company culture.
  • What is your team's budget for rewards? — Think about how fulfilling earned rewards will work financially for your team. With a higher budget you might provide product-based rewards (such as gift cards and movie tickets) or experience-based rewards (such as a spa day or extra time off). You can still provide rewards to your Team Members when you have a smaller budget. In these situations, consider recognition-based rewards such as company-wide Slack kudos, or a mention in an all-hands meeting.
  • How many customer votes does an agent need to receive to have earned a reward?Agent Connect provides three sizes of rewards (small, medium, and large), each with their own reward options. Agent Connect includes default options for each size. If you want to customize your reward options, contact Medallia Customer Support.
  • How many stars does an agent need to receive before the customer sees the option to recommend a reward? — You can choose either four or five stars as the trigger for a reward vote. While a four-star interaction might be fantastic, choosing five stars provides a very clear performance goal. Choose the option that works best for your team.

Snappy rewards

If you have a Snappy account, an integration with Medallia Agent Connect enables you to use your Snappy campaign rewards in the Agent Connect rewards program. As agents earn rewards for providing outstanding customer experiences, and as managers mark those rewards as fulfilled, Agent Connect prompts Snappy to send agents their rewards.

For more Information about Snappy rewards, see the Snappy website.

Make sure you have configured rewards in your Snappy campaigns before completing the procedure below.

Configuring rewards

Rewards are associated with a Star Rating question in a survey. For more information about configuring Star Rating questions, see Question types.

Important: You can implement rewards or Areas of Excellence (AOE) in surveys, but not both. For more information about AOE, see Areas of Excellence and Areas of Improvement.
  1. On the Settings screen, click Rewards/Areas of Excellence.
  2. Click the Rewards tab.

    A dialog opens, asking whether you want to use Snappy rewards or Agent Connect rewards.

    Dialog for selecting Snappy or Agen Connect rewards

  3. Do one of the following actions:
    • If you want to use Snappy rewards, click Connect to my Snappy Account, then enter your Snappy API Key and click Connect.
    • If you want to use Agent Connect rewards, click Continue with Stella Rewards.
  4. For each reward level (small, medium, and large), click the icon, select a reward, and then click Save.

    For example, the following image shows the dialog for reviewing the large reward options.

    Large reward options

    Note: Changing a reward resets votes for the reward size.
  5. To add a required threshold of customer votes before Team Members can receive rewards, change the Rewards Threshold property to Yes.

    This adds an Enter Threshold field below each reward size.

    Note: Thresholds are required for Snappy rewards.
  6. In each Enter Threshold field, enter the number of customer votes a Team Member needs to earn that reward.
    Note: If you begin using rewards without setting thresholds, and you choose to enable thresholds at a later date, all current rewards progress is cleared so Team Members start at zero for each adjusted reward threshold.
  7. For the Star Count, select the minimum number of stars a Team Member must receive before that customer can recommend a reward.
  8. If you are using Snappy, make sure the Connected to a Gifting Platform property is set to Yes.
  9. When you are ready to implement your rewards program, click Save.
    Important: If you are already using AOE, clicking Save replaces AOE with rewards.


Team Members can monitor their progress toward each reward at the top of the Stream. For more information, see The Stream.

Rewards in the Stream

Team Leaders can monitor reward progress and fulfill rewards for Team Member in Rewards reports. For more information, see Rewards reports.