Medallia Agent Connect uses a short survey to collect feedback from customers after every interaction with a member of your team.

For all Team Leaders and Team Members, only one survey can be created and edited for your company. Admin users can create other surveys for testing purposes.

Creating surveys

A survey includes a request, a subject line, a few questions for the customer, and a thank you page.

For an overview of this process, watch this video:

Important: Before building a survey, make sure that you have customized your brand logo and colors, as described in Branding. Additionally, make sure that you have enabled each of the channels your team uses to support customers, as described in Company information.

To create a survey:

  1. On the Settings screen, click Survey Builder.

    The Survey Builder screen appears.

  2. Click Start a new survey.

    The Feedback Survey screen appears. The screen includes three main areas that help you build your survey. Use the navigation area to choose the pieces of your survey you want to edit. Use the edit area to make changes to the selected piece, and view those changes in the preview area.

    Work areas in a survey

  3. If your company is using multiple languages for surveys, in the Language dropdown select the first language for the survey.
  4. Configure the Survey Request email, which determines what customers see in their email inbox when receiving a request for feedback.
    1. In the navigation area, click Survey Request.
    2. In the edit area, enter an email subject line for each channel used by your company.
    3. Use the Preview dropdown in the preview area to see the subject line for each channel as it will appear to customers.
  5. Add up to three primary questions to your survey.

    For detailed information about each question type and the fields you can configure for each type, see Question types.

    Tip: As a best practice, Medallia recommends that you start with a Star Rating question, with Areas of Excellence (AOE) and Areas of Improvement (AOI) associated as secondary questions. Then add a First Contact Resolution (FCR) question, and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) question. The Star Rating question maximizes your response rate, and produces granular and actionable agent-specific feedback. The FCR and NPS questions provide the insights needed to optimize your company’s customer experience processes.
    1. In the navigation area, click Add a question, and then select a question type.
    2. In the edit area, configure the details for the question.
    3. To reorder a question, drag and drop the question in the navigation area.
    4. To delete a question, hover over the question and click the trashcan icon.
    5. Repeat these steps until you have added up to three questions.
  6. If your company is using AOE, AOI, or rewards, and you enabled these features in a primary question, configure the text for your Areas of Excellence/Rewards and Areas of Improvement secondary questions.

    For example, the survey in the following image has these questions associated with a Star Rating question.

    Areas of Improvement and Areas of Excellence / Rewards questions

    For detailed information about these features, see Areas of Excellence and Areas of Improvement and Rewards.

  7. Configure the Thank You page of your survey.

    For more information about the Thank You page, see Thank You page, below.

    1. In the navigation area, click Thank You Page.
    2. In the Message based on response from question field, select the question type to use as the basis for the Thank you Page.
    3. Based on the question type you selected, in the edit area enter Thank you text for all possible values of the question.
    4. If you would like to enable or edit marketing features on the Thank you page, in the navigation area click Enable Marketing Features.

      This opens a settings screen for marketing. For more information about configuring Marketing features, see Marketing features.

  8. Preview and test your survey.
    1. In the Navigation area, click Preview & Test.
    2. Enter your email address, and then click Send test.

    3. Preview and complete the survey email you receive.
    4. If needed, make changes to the survey and then send another preview.
  9. When you are satisfied with your survey in all languages, in the navigation area click Publish survey, and then in the confirmation dialog click Publish survey.

    The Publish survey dialog

  10. If your company is using multiple languages for surveys, repeat this procedure for each language.

Thank You page

Customers see the Thank You Page after answering the questions in your survey. The appearance of text on the Thank You page is conditional, based on a customer response to a Star Rating, NPS, or FCR question.

  • For a Star Rating Question, configure the Thank you text based on whether the customer rated the Team Member positively or negatively.
  • For an NPS question, configure the Thank you text based on whether the customer scored as a Promoter (9-10), Passive (7-8), or Detractor (1-6).
  • For an FCR question, configure the Thank you text based on whether customer indicated the issue was resolved or not resolved.

For example, if you select an FCR question, the Thank you text for a resolved issue might be, Thank you for your feedback! Share your feedback with friends! For an unresolved issue, the Thank you text might be, Thank you for your feedback. We will share your feedback with {{employee.first_name}} and work hard to do better next time.

A Thank You page in a survey

Medallia recommends using the Thank You page as an opportunity to engage with satisfied customers using Marketing features, which encourage customers to share their experiences through social media, or redirect those customers to a company webpage for re-engagement. For more information, see Marketing features.

Editing surveys

To open a survey for editing, navigate to the Survey Builder screen, and then click Edit. You can modify any aspect of the survey.

Warning: Making a meaningful change to a survey question can result in confusing or inaccurate data elsewhere in Agent Connect. For example, you might change the text of a Custom Scale question from It was easy to solve my problem to I would hire the representative I spoke with for my own business. The new text is saved over the old, which can make comparisons of new data to historical data more difficult.

When you need to make meaningful changes a question, Medallia recommends deleting the existing question (using the trashcan icon in the navigation area), and then adding a new question in its place. Deleting the question from the survey retains all historical data associated with that question, while creating a new question adds new data to reporting.

Variables in text fields

You can use the following variables in the text fields of your survey, such as email subjects, thank you text, and so on:

  • {{employee.first_name}} — The first name of the Team Member who interacted with the customer.
  • {{}} — The name of the customer.
  • {{}} — The name of your company brand, as defined on the Company Info settings screen.
  • {{brand.handle}} — The API brand label for your company, as defined on the Company Info settings screen.

For more information about the branding fields on the Company Info screen, see Branding.

Survey expiration

Customers need adequate time to see and respond to a survey, but not so much time that by the time they provide feedback it is no longer actionable. To avoid survey responses being recorded too long after the support interaction took place, surveys expire seven days after they were sent.

For an expired survey, customers can still access the survey email, and they can still click through the survey. The only difference is that Agent Connect does not record responses. This ensures that historical data is not affected by late replies to surveys, and that the feedback your team sees is recent, relevant, and actionable in real-time during coaching and the QA process.

If your company needs a different expiration limit, contact Medallia Customer Support.