Medallia Agent Connect provides several reports to help you assess the performance of your teams, Team Members, and the company as a whole.

For most users, the Stream is the primary report. It loads customer feedback in real time, with responses flowing into the Stream as they are received. This is the first thing Team Members see after signing in to Agent Connect. For more information, see The Stream.

The Stream, as seen by Team Members

The Leaderboard shows the top performers in your team and in your company overall. The Leaderboard updated frequently, so the top spot changes often. For more information, see The Leaderboard.

Trends Dashboards enable users to see ongoing performance trends. Team Members see only their one data in the Team Member Trends Dashboard, which they should visit at the beginning and end of every work week. Team Leaders can use several other Trends Dashboards, available through the Trends link in the Agent Connect navigation bar.

Summary reports give Team Leaders and Admins a high-level view of your company's performance, including the tags reported by your contact center software, the teams in your Agent Connect organization, and individual Team Members. For more information about the summary reports available in Agent Connect, see Summary reports.


In some reports, you can subscribe to email updates, so you can stay current with changes to the report over time. In these reports, a Subscribe button appears at the top of the report. For example:

The Subscribe button in the Company Trends Dashboard

For each report to which you subscribe, Agent Connect sends an email digest containing a snapshot of the data you would see in that report.

Complete the following steps to subscribe to a report.

  1. In the report to which you want to subscribe, click Subscribe.

    A dialog appears, enabling you to set subscription parameters.

    Subscriptions settings dialog

  2. Select the Interval at which you want to receive the email digest.
  3. In the Send at field, select the time of day you want to receive your email digest.
  4. If you selected an Interval of Weekly, select the Day of week to receive the email digest.
  5. Click Save.

Date and time filters

Most reports include several filter fields at the top of the report to help you limit the data displayed in the report. Filters that limit data by date and time behave slightly differently in dashboards and summary reports, the Stream, and exports. These reports use one or both of the following fields for date/time:

  • created_at — The date/time the survey was created and sent to the customer
  • responded_at — The date/time the customer first responded to the the survey

In dashboards and summary reports, the Date Range filter assesses a survey's created_at date/time.

In the Stream, the date/time displayed in each card is the responded_at date/time. The Filter by date filter in the Stream uses the created_at date/time to find matching data.

In exports of all surveys, date and time is assessed using the created_at date/time. In exports that include requests with responses only, date/time is assessed using the responded_at date/time.