Performance Dashboard

The Performance Dashboard shows the measured performance of Team Members and teams across the metrics critical to your organization.

It is important for Team Members and coaches to see not just how they are performing, but also how they are performing compared to expectations. The Performance Dashboard enables you to compare performance against the overall team average, the company average, or to a previous time period. The dashboard makes it easy to see who is struggling or excelling (and by how much), and then take action to recognize those who are doing well or coach those who are struggling to drive improvements.

Team Members see data only for their own interactions. Team Leaders and Admins have access to the entire organization, and can therefore see data for any individual Team Member or team.

To open the Performance Dashboard, in the Medallia Agent Connect navigation bar click Performance.

Performance dials

Dials for the performance metrics configured for your company appear at the top of the dashboard. For example, the following image shows how performance metrics appear to Team Members:

Performance metrics as seen by Team Members

Every user can filter the dashboard by Date range, and can select a benchmark period for comparison in the Compare to field. Team Members and Admins see an additional filter that enables them to select any team or Team Member in the organization.

Click Expand below any metric dial to see additional visualization options, and to take action for that metric.

An expanded performance metric dial

While expanded, a toggle just below the dial enables you to see a table with channel-specific information for the metric, or a line chart showing data for that metric over time. Icons at the bottom of an expanded dial enable you to take specific actions related to that metric:

  • Plus icon — Click to add the metric as an item for discussion in a 1:1 session. This icon is available only when viewing data for a specific Team Member. For more information about 1:1 sessions, see 1:1s.
  • Chat icon — Click to open a side panel showing the individual responses for the interactions used to calculate the metric.
  • Graph icon — Click to open the investigation overlay, which shows detailed information for all performance metrics. For more information, see Investigation overlay, below.

Teams & Team Members table

For Team Leaders and Admins, the Performance Dashboard includes a Teams & Team Members table below the metric dials. The table shows the same metric data as the dials, but it enables users to see performance data for each individual and team in company organization at a glance. Users can also expand and collapse rows in the table to show and hide teams and Team Members. For example, the following image shows the Teams & Team Members table with Hafu Ito's team expanded:

Teams & Team Members table

Click any metric in the table to open an overlay with the same visualization options and action icons available in expanded dials. Team-level data is aggregated for all members of that team. Just as with expanded dials, the plus icon to add the metric to a 1:1 session is available only when viewing data for an individual Team Member. For example, the following image shows the Star Rating metric overlay for Hafo Ito's team:

Metric overlay showing team-level data

Investigation overlay

In either an expanded dial or in a Teams & Team Members table metric overlay, click the plus icon to open the investigation overlay. For example, the following image shows aggregated team-level data in the investigation overlay:

Performance Dashboard investigation overlay

The top of the investigation overlay includes a tile for each of your company's performance metrics. Click any tile to view data for that metric. The overlay lso includes filters that enable you to change the date range of the data, and the benchmark against which the data is compared. In the image above, the Star Rating metric is selected. The Date range filter is set to a 30-day period, and the Compare to filter is set to Previous Time-period. The Star Rating tile shows that in the current time period Hafu Ito's team has under-performed the previous time period for that metric by 0.08 points.

Tabs below the tiles enable you to see detailed data for the selected metric, as an overview of the data over time, by channel, by tags from your customer relationship management solution, by areas of excellence and areas of improvement, and by language. Most tabs includes icons that enable you to see the data as a table, a line chart, or a bar chart. The image above shows the Overview tab. The image below shows the Tags tab as a bar chart:

Performance Dashboard investigation overlay Tags tab, viewed as a bar chart

Configuring performance metrics

The metrics used in the Performance Dashboard are the same as those used in 1:1s. Configure performance metrics on the Metric Configuration screen.

  1. On the Settings screen, click Metric Configuration.

    The Metric Configuration screen appears.

  2. In the Key Metric Set section, change the performance metrics as needed.

    Performance metrics