Rewards reports

If your company has implemented a rewards program in Medallia Agent Connect, includes reports that enables Team Leaders to monitor the progress of Team Members and the program as a whole. For more information about implementing a rewards program, see Rewards.

To open any of the rewards reports, in the Agent Connect navigation bar click Rewards Reports, and then select the report you want to view.

Unfulfilled Rewards

The Unfulfilled Rewards report shows the progress of each Team Member toward the reward tiers configured for your company. If a Team Member has received enough votes to qualify for a reward, click Fulfill to give the reward.

Unfulfilled Rewards report

Rewards Activity Log

The Rewards Log shows the Team Members that are due to receive rewards, but does not show progress toward those rewards. To give awards from this report, use the filters to narrow the scope of the log, and then click Fulfill all.

Rewards Activity Log report

Rewards Votes

The Rewards Votes report shows a raw count of votes each Team Member has received for each reward tier.

The Rewards Votes report