MailChimp enables you to engage your leads with great email marketing campaigns. Connecting Journey Analytics to your MailChimp account will allow you to link these campaigns with any other data source, to capitalize on the leads that matter.

Each day, the integration fetches the previous day's aggregative data and appends a row to the table. For example, on Aug 4th a row would be added showing aggregated data up until Aug 3rd, such as how many emails were sent from the beginning of the campaign. See the full table scheme below.

To integrate MailChimp to your Journey Analytics project please contact your customer success manager or Medallia Support.

Table Name: mailchimp_campaigns

FieldData TypeDescription
campaign_idSTRINGA string that uniquely identifies this campaign.
click_rateFLOATThe number of unique clicks divided by the total number of successful deliveries.
clicksINTEGERThe total number of clicks for an campaign.
creation_dateTIMESTAMPThe date and time the campaign was created.
drag_and_dropSTRINGWhether the campaign uses the drag-and-drop editor.
from_nameSTRINGThe 'from' name on the campaign (not an email address).
hard_bouncesINTEGERThe total number of hard bounced email addresses.
insert_dateTIMESTAMPThe date this row was inserted to the table
list_idSTRINGThe unique list id.
list_nameSTRINGThe name of the list.
open_rateFLOATThe number of unique opens divided by the total number of successful deliveries.
opensINTEGERThe total number of opens for a campaign.
send_dateTIMESTAMPThe date and time a campaign was sent.
sentINTEGERThe total number of emails sent for this campaign.
soft_bouncesINTEGERThe total number of soft bounced email addresses.
statusSTRINGThe current status of the campaign.Possible Values: save paused schedule sending sent
subject_lineSTRINGThe subject line for the campaign.
subscriber_clicksINTEGERThe number of unique clicks.
titleSTRINGThe title of the campaign.
unique_clicksINTEGERThe total number of unique clicks for links across a campaign.
unique_opensINTEGERThe number of unique opens.
unsubscribedINTEGERThe total number of unsubscribed members for this campaign.