Trust at Medallia

Security, compliance, disaster recovery, and more, for all Medallia systems

The experience you provide your customers never stops, and neither do we. We know how critical data security is to our customers — and we maintain industry-leading practices to protect that data. Here is an overview of how we have built security at Medallia.

Medallia is dedicated to keeping your data secure and available while helping you comply with global privacy and security mandates. Our skilled team of experts have developed the technology and processes needed to deliver services that meet rigorous standards for security, privacy, availability, integrity and compliance.

Medallia works with some of the world's most well-known companies, analyzing customer feedback data to deliver the insight needed to make smarter decisions and deliver better results. Many of our clients operate in finance, healthcare, energy, and other highly regulated industries, and are based in countries with strict privacy and security regulations. They trust us with their data because we have developed industry-leading security practices to protect that data and we can assure them of our compliance with security and privacy regulations.

Our security controls are designed around internationally recognized standards and we have passed stringent client and third-party security audits. We understand that data security is an ongoing process, not a one-time activity. We maintain constant vigilance when it comes to client data, continuously evaluating our security posture against the evolving threat landscape and seeking ways to improve.