API & Integration Capabilities

Medallia Experience Cloud is a powerful Experience Management platform because of its capability to integrate with any system of record. Our platform has an extensive set of mechanisms for importing and exporting data, either in bulk batches or in real time. Our lightweight Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) framework makes it possible to integrate our platform with any enterprise system, whether it is a commerce system (online or retail) to collect customer operational data and event information, such as purchase transactions, or a Human Resources Management (HRM) system to collect details on employees’ locations and organizational hierarchy.

A diagram of Medallia API and Integration capabilities

Medallia APIs

There are several scenarios where you can leverage the APIs to make the most out of the data at your disposal:

  • The Query API is a powerful analytics API that allows you to perform real-time calculations across millions of records. The Query API supports both aggregated analytics and record-level exports. With GraphQL, you don’t need multiple requests or access to several endpoints to get exactly what you need; you can query for specific data through a single endpoint.

  • The REST APIs provide inbound and outbound access you can use to import data into the platform or to export record-level or aggregated data based on events. Web Feeds are more versatile than standard RESTful APIs, since a flexible ETL process can be added to validate or transform data for both inbound and outbound flows without requiring source systems or IT resources to own the complexity on their end.

  • Use web callouts (the Omni Exporter) for calling external applications based on triggers. Use them to send record information and to collect requested data from the target. Unlike the standard exports, which always run on a schedule, Omni Exporter can immediately run when records are created or updated, which is a useful approach for synchronizing records with data stored in external systems.

  • Speech API triggers audio-file processing in Medallia Speech for the purpose of creating a feedback record in Experience Cloud.

Medallia’s extensive API documentation is available on our Developer Community site: https://developer.medallia.com/. If you have trouble accessing the site, please contact your Medallia representative to be activated.

File Feeds

Feeds receive or retrieve data from the external company source and then pass the data to a designated processor to add the records to the database. Sometimes they pass the data to a preprocessor which transforms the data into a format the processor can interpret.

Feeds include:

  • FTP Feeds and SFTP Feeds receive files from the company using file transfer protocol (FTP); preferably SFTP.

  • Email Feeds receive data in emails sent to Medallia. The data can be in the body, included as an attachment, or both.

  • Feed pulls retrieve the data from the company's server using FTP/SFTP.

  • Web Feeds use HTTP to retrieve the file from a company's server.

  • Medallia supports data at rest encryption of feed files with PGP (Medallia’s public and private key pairs).

Medallia also allows for manual file uploads via Admin Suite.

Medallia Apps

Medallia’s flexible architecture and highly extensible platform has over 70 out of the box apps available for customer and partner deployment. A Medallia app is a pre-built set of configurations to extend the Medallia Experience Cloud (MEC) platform. Apps are often designed around a vertical industry and their associated best practices enabling Medallia and its partners to deploy solutions to their customers quickly, safely, and repeatedly.

Apps and the Medallia Xchange marketplace are part of the Medallia Experience Cloud ecosystem supported by Medallia and our Partners. Here, customers can find ready-to-install apps tailored to their industry needs.