Medallia Infrastructure

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Data Centers

As a cloud-based SaaS provider, Medallia platforms are accessed over the Internet. Medallia Experience Cloud and Medallia for Digital platforms are hosted out of colocation facilities, located in North America, Asia, Australia and Europe. Within these facilities, we own and maintain our own hardware, including all network devices and systems. The hardware is secured in locked cages The data centers feature on-site 24/7/365 security personnel, badge and biometric access controls, CCTV surveillance systems, reinforced steel and concrete walls, ceilings with 14-foot clearance, and raised floors. Pre-action/dry-pipe fire protection, temperature-controlled environments, and N+1 redundant generators, UPS, and cooling modules help ensure high availability. Medallia logs and audits all physical access to the cages.

Each primary hosting facility is backed up by a disaster recovery site capable of providing the same level of service and availability.

North America - USA
North America - Canada
Note: Contact your Medallia Expert for a list of data centers by region.

Our colocation facilities provide geographically resilient hosting and allow clients to restrict storage and processing of their data to specific regions. All of the facilities hosting our services provide the robust physical security and fault-tolerant, highly resilient, redundant support infrastructure necessary to ensure reliable service.


Medallia uses AWS as a secondary option for Medallia for Digital (MD) clients. In addition, AWS Sydney is available as a backup site for Australia Medallia Experience Cloud customers. Medallia operates and monitors the security of its AWS-operated solutions with the same rigor as its colocated solutions.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Oracle is a Medallia partner as part of Medallia’s multi-cloud strategy intended to offer customers a choice for where their program is hosted. By leveraging OCI, Medallia offers a greater reach for global customers to adhere to data residency requirements.

AWS GovCloud

Medallia uses AWS’ GovCloud offering for its U.S. federal clients. Medallia takes advantage of AWS tools to meet or exceed federal FISMA Moderate security compliance standards, for our AWS GovCloud offering.

Corporate Offices

Medallia’s office spaces are protected by physical security perimeters, including card controlled-entry gates or staffed reception desks. All employees and contractors are required to have Medallia provided ID to enter Medallia premises. Visitors must sign in and be accompanied by authorized Medallia personnel. Additional entry controls protect high security areas, to ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed access.