Medallia Product Overview

Medallia Experience Cloud

Medallia, Inc.’s unified experience management system, the Medallia Experience Cloud™ (MEC), allows clients to capture in-the-moment customer feedback via numerous structured and unstructured methods, including email surveys, receipt codes, SMS, and QR codes. Our system can also gather customer experience data from social sources, integrate operational data from clients’ existing systems, such as Point-of-Sale systems and CRMs, and even allow employees to manually capture customer feedback directly via the Medallia interface.

Medallia for Digital

Medallia for Digital (MD) embeds targeted feedback surveys into digital touchpoints, such as websites, mobile applications, and chatbots. The quality of the digital experience affects the entire customer journey; customers’ in-the-moment experiences tell a more complete story about what happens before and after a transaction. MD’s embedded surveys use these digital touchpoints to promote an ongoing dialogue with customers, unlocking the ability to positively impact experiences across channels.

Medallia Speech

Medallia Speech is a next generation Speech AI platform designed for the contact center to transcribe & extract customer and employee feedback including sentiment, emotion and voice. With Medallia Speech, you will be able to derive insights from support/sales calls, enrich your program by integrating transcriptions, and improve coaching/training workstreams.

Medallia Mobile and Voices

Medallia Mobile offers native apps for iOS and Android that provide all the benefits of our system-rich reporting capabilities, real-time customer experience monitoring, and tools to save at-risk customers. With customer experience insights at their fingertips, Medallia Mobile drives user engagement and makes delivering great experiences a habit.

  • Activate Employees, Anywhere — ​instant access to customer experience insights, with built-in alerts and workflow actions to rapidly respond and close the loop on customer issues.

  • Bring Actionable Information to Every User — powerful role-based dashboards to align every employee with their most important customer experience metrics.

  • Make Listening to Feedback a Habit — ​bring the customer experience to employees, with an intuitive interface and the ability to access this critical information anywhere, anytime.

Medallia Voices helps executives to connect with the voice of the customer and to engage with employees to motivate and reinforce desired behavior.

Medallia Voices will send a daily notification to the device alerting the user that new comments are ready for review. Upon opening the mobile app the user sees a collection of randomly selected responses shown as visually appealing cards and can quickly skim by swiping through them.

Not only can they review actual VoC data easily and quickly in the Voices app, but they can also congratulate and reinforce positive experiences with employees with the simple touch of a button.

Medallia Athena

Athena is Medallia’s deep learning-based AI platform, which helps transform customer, employee and product journey data from a multitude of channels into a 360 degree view that drives action to improve experiences.

Applications powered by Medallia Athena include:

Text Analytics — Machine learning parses open-text feedback and provides insights in the form of “Topics” and “Themes” that allow business leaders to quantify the impact that various feedback topics have on key performance indicators and provide an unbiased view of unstructured data.

Action Intelligence - Suggested Action — A CoreText-based “suggestion mining” model identifies all the bits of textual feedback that are suggestions or ideas, and ranks them to enable business leaders to find the most actionable feedback quicker.

Action Intelligence - Attention Scoring — Attention Scoring uses both the numeric satisfaction score as well as textual analysis of all survey verbatim fields to make a judgment of whether the respondent requires immediate follow-up

Action Intelligence - Customer Effort Scale — Customer effort refers to the amount of work the customer had to do when interacting with the company. A CoreText-based model identifies all the bits of textual feedback that qualitatively or quantitatively describes effort exerted by the respondent during the experience, and evaluates whether it is a high-effort description or a low-effort description.

Medallia Social

Medallia Social allows Customers to manage their end-customer feedback that is provided on certain social media and review sites. Customers can collect feedback from various social media and review sites. Medallia Social also enables Customers to respond to their end-customers’ feedback on certain sites either by directing users to those sites or directly from the Reporting Application.

Medallia Conversations

Customers can engage their end-customers using mobile messaging interactions (a “Conversation”) as part of their end-customer experience feedback programs. “Medallia Conversations” supports the use of third-party messaging platforms, like SMS and Facebook Messenger.

TX Profiles

TX Profiles provides Customers with a comprehensive view of their individual end-customers based on “Events” providing users with a 360 degree view of each customer to contextualize their lifetime of experiences with your organization. An “Event” is a single entry in the TX Profiles product timeline module, typically reflecting a trackable end-customer action. Events can include, but are not limited to: survey invites, transactional purchases, logins, sign ups, support calls, or marketing email views.