Survey scale

Medallia supports two survey scales within integrated surveys — 0-10 (11-point) and 1-5 (5-point). Medallia can only accommodate one of these scales across all three strategic surveys.

Medallia recommends an 11-point scale from 0 to 10 because 11 points allows for granular data with more differentiation than scales with fewer options. For instance, it is possible to tease apart those experiences that elicit a 10 from those that elicit a 9 to highlight top performers. An 11-point scale aligns with the NPS methodology, allowing for industry comparison. In addition, utilizing an 11-point scale on Digital surveys allows for comparison and alignment across the organization when viewing feedback.

Medallia can also support a 1-5 scale, as a shorter scale is often more user friendly on a digital platform. However, selecting a scale could have implications as programs expand to other parts of the business.