The dashboard provides a bird's-eye view of overall customer experience status.

See your Medallia expert for additional details.

Digital command center

In Digital, the dashboard, which provides a general overview of important metrics, contains a set of reports.

Top Line Metrics

Top Line Metrics provide a snapshot of feedback items and Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the last 7 or 30 days and show the change in trend compared to the 7 or 30 days before.

Top line metrics.

Feedback Per Form

The Feedback Per Form chart shows the number of feedback items received per survey over the last 30 days. To hide or show the information for that survey, click any of the survey names in the graph legend.

Feedback Per Form chart.

Trend Data

The Trend Data charts show the feedback and NPS data for the last seven days, compared to the same seven days of the previous month. The NPS trend data is a moving average and always shows the average NPS from 30 days earlier.

Trend Data chart.

Miscellaneous charts

  • Feedback Per Form — Presents the total number of feedback items received over the last seven days per survey.

  • Unread Feedback — Lists the number of unread feedback items per survey, for the top 10 surveys in terms of feedback.

  • NPS Breakdown — Shows promoters, passives, and detractors breakdown as well as the overall score.

Feedback Per Device

The Feedback Per Device report shows the number of feedback items received per day from desktop, mobile, and tablet devices in the last 30 days.

Feedback Per Device report.

Medallia Experience Cloud

All Medallia for Digital feedback flows into Medallia Experience Cloud and can be viewed on the Feedback tab. View all Medallia for Digital surveys on the Published Forms and Unpublished Forms tabs. You can analyze and take action on information on these tabs without having to access the Medallia for Digital command center.

Important: Do not delete the Feedback, Published Forms, or Unpublished Forms tabs.

Tabs in Experience Cloud to view, analyze, and take action on Medallia for Digital feedback and surveys.

Feedback tab

The Feedback tab contains Responses reports based on Medallia for Digital feedback. See "Response reports" in the Experience Cloud documentation for details about this type of report.

Feedback tab.

Published Forms and Unpublished Forms tabs

The Published Forms and Unpublished Forms tabs contain survey dashboard reports. Select a specific report in the sub-tab bar to view modules showing data for that survey.

Published Forms and Unpublished Forms tabs.