View and manage incoming user feedback in the inbox, which is the central repository for all incoming survey submissions. When a customer completes a survey task, such as submitting feedback or answering a survey, the data is saved and presented in the inbox.

The inbox has three sections:


Action bar

Select an item in the feedback list and click an icon in the action bar to apply that action to the item. The delete, flag, read, and tag actions can be applied to multiple selections at once.

Actions bar.

Forward (1)
Forwards a feedback item using email. In the dialog that opens, enter the email address of the customer who should receive the forwarded feedback item.
Delete (2)
Deletes one or more items from the feedback list. In the dialog that opens, confirm the deletion. Deleted items cannot be retrieved later.
Flag/Unflag (3)
Flags or unflags items from the feedback list. When a feedback item is flagged, a blue flag icon appears next to it in the feedback list. Sort the feedback list by flagged or unflagged items.
Tag (4)
Tags items to classify, categorize, and manage feedback. See Tagging for information on configuring tags.
Read/Unread (5)
Marks feedback items as read or unread. New feedback items are unread by default and are indicated by a blue vertical line in the feedback list. Sort the feedback list by read or unread items.
Export (6)
Exports feedback items with full data to a CSV file. Exports cannot exceed 20,000 records.

The order of custom parameters in the export files could change between versions of Medallia Digital.

Order By (7)
By default, the feedback list is ordered by date, with the latest incoming feedback items displayed on top. Select Date or User to order the feedback list by user name. Select Flag to order the feedback list by flagged or unflagged items.
Change sort order (8)
Changes the sort order of the feedback items in the list. For example, if the list is ordered by date with the latest item displayed first, click Change Sort Order to order the list with the most recent item displayed first.
Filter by date (9)
To view feedback items from a specific date range, click the filter component and select the date range.
Filter Feedback List (10)
Click to open a dialog to filter feedback items based on several options, including survey, URL, country, device type, custom rule, and keyword selection. See Feedback filter for additional information about filtering.

Feedback list

The feedback list displays customer-submitted feedback items with sorting and filtering actions applied.

Feedback list.

Each item in the list contains the following:

Username (1)
The default name for submitted feedback items appears in the feedback list as 'Guest'. To display the actual name or email address associated with a feedback item, designate a field in the survey as a CONTACT NAME field or an email field as the CONTACT EMAIL FIELD (e.g., Ben Keil).
Timestamp (2)
Date and time when the feedback item was submitted.
Survey name (3)
Name of the associated feedback survey.
Read/Unread (4)
A blue line indicates that the item is unread. Once read, the blue line disappears.
Flagged/Unflagged (5)
A blue flag icon appears next to the username of a flagged item.

Feedback item details

The feedback item details section includes tag information, actual customer-submitted feedback information, customer data, and custom parameters. Click each section to open a panel containing relevant information.


Click this section to view any tags associated with the feedback item or to assign pre-configured tags to the feedback item. See Tagging for information about creating and configuring tags.

Feedback Data

Feedback Data contains general information about the item and the actual content of the survey submission. Information in the Summary sub-section includes the following:

  • Date & Time — Date and time when the customer submitted the feedback.

  • Feedback ID — ID assigned to this item.

  • Feedback UUID — Unique Medallia for Digital ID assigned to this item.

  • Form Name — Name of the survey that generated the feedback.

  • Origin — Either Invitation for feedback generated from an invitation or Button for feedback submitted after a customer clicked a feedback button.

  • Form Language — Survey language.

  • URL — URL of the page on which the survey was displayed when submitted.

Additionally, this section lists all of the fields added to the survey and the values that the customer entered when submitting feedback. For example, the survey below consists of one page named 'Page 1' as well as Your Name and Rating fields. A sub-section in Feedback Data would be named Page 1 and would include the name and rating fields with customer-entered values.

Example showing a survey in survey editor and its mappings to the information that appears in Feedback Data.

User Data

User Data includes contact details if designated when the survey was created as well as technical information about the device and browser used to submit feedback. (e.g., device type, operating system, browser version).

User Data.

Custom Parameters

Custom Parameters includes custom data defined by the account owner as well as values that Digital collects upon survey submission.

Custom Parameters.