Experience Optimizer module

Experience Optimizer is a unique tool that combines web analytics information (what happened on property) with customer feedback data (why customers acted as they did) to provide insights into customer actions and motives.

Experience Optimizer allows for identification of specific issues impacting satisfaction and conversion as well as the ability to compare funnel steps and more.

To set up this module, once it is provisioned appropriately, complete the following steps:

  1. To link your analytics account with your Digital account, click Settings in the top right corner of the Experience Optimizer screen.

  2. In the setup dialog, click Authorize Access for Medallia for Digital to extract analytics information.

  3. Log in to the relevant Google account to access analytics information and authorize the requested permissions.

  4. Set up the report to analyze by selecting the analytics account, property, and view from the dropdown options in the setup dialog. Click Apply.

    Setting up Experience Optimizer module.

Once the Digital Experience Optimizer module is integrated with your analytics account, filter your feedback data by survey to continue to analyze the information.