Property Level Access Control (PLAC)

Property Level Access Control (PLAC) is a feature that enables restrictions of reporting and administrative permissions on digital administrators and users across both Experience Cloud and Digital.

See the following topics for additional information about PLAC:

Property Level Access Control (PLAC) in Medallia Digital

PLAC in Digital restricts administrative access to specific digital properties in the Digital survey editor portal. The scope of digital property access in Digital available to a digital administrator is dependent on the user's data access rights in Experience Cloud on a property (unit) level. The data access is cross referenced and verified during the SSO connection between Experience Cloud and Digital when a user is redirected to the Digital command center from Medallia Admin Suite via the Digital tile.

Digital tile in Admin Suite.

SSO PLAC scans through a user’s data access for all units within the Experience Cloud org database that roll up to the unittype_digital unit group.
Note: This can be done through any combination of v1 and v2 properties. Additionally, this is turned on using a feature flag at the Experience Cloud account level via an API call. See Setting up Property Level Access Control (PLAC) for details.
Note: This feature only restricts which properties a user is able to view and access but not the granular administrative capabilities within the properties. This also does not control the automated reporting components within a user role. See Mapping Experience Cloud roles to Digital properties for details.

Mapping Experience Cloud roles to Digital properties

Note: This is not available in earlier versions of Digital.
To restrict the automated reporting components for a given user role (e.g., on the Published Forms, Unpublished Forms, and Responses Form tabs), assign a Digital property a mapping to a Experience Cloud role.​ Set this up by mapping Experience Cloud roles to a digital property.
Note: A Experience Cloud role can be synced with multiple digital properties and vice versa.

Published Forms tab in Experience Cloud.

Note: Standard Experience Cloud reporting data access restrictions are applied similarly. For example a user with Experience Cloud access to property X is only able to view customer feedback (completed responses) associated with that specific property. See "Data access permissions" in the Experience Cloud documentation for additional information.