Encrypting sensitive data

Encryption is the process of encoding sensitive text data in the database such that only authorized parties can access it. This feature allows companies to trust that only specific, company-authorized parties have access to the data in the database. Consultants and Medallia, Inc. employees, for example, cannot see the data in the database without specific authorization.

Medallia Experience Cloud uses an AES-256 symmetric key to encrypt and decrypt data. Experience Cloud can generate a unique key for the company instance, or companies can securely upload their own key to use instead. The keys are kept in a secure "secrets vault" that is only available to Medallia Experience Cloud services, and are only accessible to authorized services and administrators.

Any E-fields and Q-fields of TEXT-type data type can be encrypted. Once encryption is turned on, the fields are encrypted for all new records. You can identify additional fields to encrypt at any time; however, only new records will be affected. Encrypt the historical records to encrypt those new fields.

Restriction: A-fields, also known as System fields, cannot be encrypted since their value is not stored in the Medallia database, but calculated by Java code, either derived from the survey record or from other sources. Alternatively, consider identifying and encrypting the fields in a survey record that feed the A-fields.
Warning: Data encryption is a controlled feature requiring the involvement of Medallia representatives. Do not turn this feature on without first consulting with Medallia, Inc.