Getting started with CapacitorJS SDK

Follow the documentation on how to use Medallia Experience Orchestration CapacitorJS SDK.

Prerequisites for version 1.0.0

  1. Capacitor requirements:

    • Capacitor Android 5.5.1

    • Capacitor iOS 5.5.1

    • Capacitor Core 5.5.1

  2. iOS requirements:

    • Minimum deployment target 12.0

    • Xcode 15+

    • Base iOS version 17.0

  3. Android requirements:

Registration of Medallia's NPM

To register Medallia's NPM, please add the following registry to your ~/.npmrc files:

Installation of the MXO CapacitorJS SDK

Install the Medallia Experience Orchestration SDK using NPM. Navigate to your App's root folder and run the following command:
npm install @medallia/mxo-capacitor-js-sd
npx cap sync
If iOS and/or Android has not been added to your project, please add them using the following commands as described in the Capacitor documentation for iOS and Android:
npm install @capacitor/ios
npx cap add ios
npm install @capacitor/android
npx cap add android
npx cap sync

Configuration of the MXO CapacitorJS SDK

To configure the Medallia Experience Orchestration CapacitorJS SDK, follow this documentation.

Removal of the MXO CapacitorJS SDK

To remove the MXO CapacitorJS SDK from your app, please execute the following command in your Terminal:

npm uninstall @medallia/mxo-capacitor-js-sd
npx cap sync