Getting started with the MXO Cordova SDK

Follow the documentation on how to use Medallia Experience Orchestration Cordova SDK for apps built using Cordova.


  1. Cordova requirements:

    • Cordova CLI 11.0.0

    • Cordova Platforms:

      • Android >=11.0.0

      • iOS >= 6.2.0

  2. iOS requirements:

    • Minimum deployment target 11.0

    • Base iOS version 16.2

  3. Android requirements:

Registration of the Medallia NPM

To register the Medallia NPM, please add the following registry to your ~/.npmrc files:

Installation of the MXO Cordova SDK

Install the Medallia Experience Orchestration SDK using the Cordova CLI, navigate to your App's root folder and run the following command:
cordova plugin add @medallia/mxo-cordova-sdk
Then continue to add platforms (iOS/Android) as described here.

Configuration of the MXO Cordova SDK

To configure the Medallia Experience Orchestration Cordova SDK, follow these steps.

Removal of the MXO Cordova SDK

To remove the MXO Cordova SDK from your app, please execute the following command in your Terminal:

cordova plugin remove @medallia/mxo-cordova-sdk