Getting started with the MXO SDK for iOS

For native integration, follow the steps outlined under the installation and configuration section to quickly integrate the SDK into your app.


  1. Install the following:
    • Xcode 14.0 or later.

    • CocoaPods 1.10.0 or later.

      Note: Not required if you are integrating the SDK via Swift Package Manager.
  2. Make sure that your project meets these requirements:
    • Your project must target iOS 11 or later.

  3. Set up a physical iOS device or use an iOS simulator to run your app.

Installation of the MXO SDK for iOS

The Medallia Experience Orchestration SDK for iOS can be added to your project in two ways. Select the one that is more convenient for you depending on your project's structure.

Configuration of the biometric authentication

The SDK supports biometric authentication (Touch ID / Face ID) in Admin mode.

To use Face ID authentication, add the following to your Info.plist file:

<key>NSFaceIDUsageDescription</key> <string>Why is my app authenticating using Face ID?</string>
Note: Failure to do so results in a dialog telling the user the app is not configured for Face ID usage.

Configuration of the MXO SDK for iOS

To configure the Medallia Experience Orchestration SDK, follow these steps.