LivingLens capture tools

Medallia LivingLens offers tools to help companies capture and upload video, audio and image content. See the following topics for more information about these tools.

  • CaptureMe — ' self-ethnography mobile app.
    Restriction: CaptureMe app projects and Mobile project management are not currently available in Contact your Medallia expert to learn when this feature will become available.
  • Media Capture — An embeddable component customers can integrate into any survey software that supports HTML and JavaScript.
  • Zoom integration — Connect a Zoom account to LivingLens to import cloud recorded meetings.
  • Manual file upload in a LivingLens channel
  • Insights Suite
    • Promoter Campaign with a Multimedia video or audio question.
    • Crowdicity as part of a Challenge. A Crowdicity subscription is required.

Upload from social media is not currently available.