Media Capture

Medallia LivingLens Media Capture is an embeddable component that enables companies to capture video, audio and images from users. Once a customer integrates the Media Capture component into a survey, respondents can upload media to a pre-configured LivingLens channel.

Restriction: Full Media Capture capabilities and customization are not available in LivingLens Experience edition. Contact your Medallia representative for more information.

The main use case is to embed the component into a survey question, allowing respondents to record or upload a media response as an alternative to writing an open-ended text response.

Media Capture is available for LivingLens Research Editing and Insights Suite customers to embedded in any javascript-friendly survey platform (such as Qualtrics, Confirmit, Decipher, Alchemer).

Media Capture script has two components:

  • An HTML block. It contains a <div> element and its attributes.
  • A JavaScript block.

LivingLens has generic integration documentation for customers to configure the script and integrate the Media Capture component into a standard HTML5 environment. LivingLens has bespoke integration guides for the Qualtrics, Confirmit, Decipher, and Alchemer survey platforms.

Best practice is to allow at least one week for first time component set up and testing, which allows time for support and troubleshooting if needed. Customers who regularly use LivingLens often launch surveys within 24 hours of getting the required information from LivingLens.

Media Capture is region sensitive. LivingLens Australia and Canada customers must point the component to the channel data center location using a region attribute in the HTML block.

If a customer does not have a survey platform and is interested in Medallia support, contact Medallia Research Services.

See the following sections for information about Media Capture capabilities and configuration:


The current version of LivingLens Media Capture is v2. v2 has several functionalities including:

  • HIPPA compliance
  • WCAG 2.1 AA compliance (Accessible)
  • Records in HD quality (720p)
  • User initiated recording
  • A visual marker to indicate minimum recording time

This is a visual example of the v2 component loaded in a survey web page, configured to capture either a video or audio response:

Screenshot of a LivingLens Media Capture v2 component embedded in a survey.

This is a visual example of the legacy v1 component loaded in a survey web page, configured to capture a video response or allow a video file upload:

Screenshot of a Media Capture v1 component embedded in a survey.

Differences between the v1 and v2 survey components:

FunctionalityMedia Capture v1Media Capture v2
HIPPA compliantYes
WCAG 2.1 AA compliant (Accessible)Yes
Recorded in HD quality (720p)Yes

Direct uploads

(Insights Suite only)


All 3 media options displayed

(Insights Suite only)

Built in opt out optionYes
User initiated recordingYes
Recording visual markerYes
Set component to reload automatically after media submissionYesYes
Mobile device support (Latest versions of Apple iOS for iPhone 6 Plus+, Android)YesYes.
Desktop browser support (Latest versions of Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge)YesYes
JavaScript requiredYesYes
HTTPS requiredYesYes

Set up information

To implement Media Capture:

  1. Enable Media Capture on the channel as part of channel setup or on an existing channel
  2. Configure the Media Capture component HTML and JavaScript blocks
  3. Embed the HTML and JavaScript in a survey question
  4. Test the component by uploading media and viewing it in the LivingLens channel

Contact LivingLens Technical Support via the Medallia Knowledge Center to:

  • Request the API Key and Channel Id of the LivingLens channel.
  • Activate any non-English interface (instructional text) languages needed for the component.

See Media Capture Integration guide (Password w3PQZANjX85Z5n) for implementation and embed instructions.

Integration requirements

The Media Capture component requires HTTPS. The SSL certificate does not need to be signed. This is a requirement imposed by respondents' software (web browsers).

JavaScript is required to integrate the Media Capture component into a web page/survey.

Media Capture customization

Customize the Media Capture component by setting attributes in the HTML block. Customizations include:

  • Set the type(s) of media to capture. Options are — video, audio, and/or image. (Multiple media types in one widget supported in v2 only)
  • Set a minimum or maximum recording time. This can only be enforced in desktop web browsers.
  • Set the component dimensions in pixels.
  • Set the component interface (instructional text) language.
  • Set the component to allow either single load or to reload automatically after media submission.
  • Enable respondents to upload a file from their device.
  • Enable respondents to opt out of responding. (v2 only)
Note: Customers with Media Capture credentials (API Key and Channel Id) for a LivingLens Australia or Canada channel must point the component to the channel data center location using a region attribute in the HTML block.

See Media Capture Integration guide (Password w3PQZANjX85Z5n) for all attributes and descriptions.

Supported interface languages

By default, the Media Capture interface (instructional text) language is English.

If your account does not have a Customer Admin, file a ticket with LivingLens Technical Support via the Medallia Knowledge Center to activate non-English Media Capture interface languages for a channel.

The following languages are pre-translated and ready for use:

Important: LivingLens is not currently able to support video/audio transcription in italicized languages.

IETF Language Code

Englishen (default)
Chinese Simplifiedzh-CN
Chinese Traditionalzh-TW
Chinese Traditional (Hong Kong)zh-HK
Haitian Creoleht
Persian (Farsi)fa
Portuguese (Brazil)pt-BR
Spanish (Latin American)es-419

If the interface language is not enabled in both the HTML block and LivingLens channel, the Media Capture interface language defaults to English.

Recording requirements

Officially supported desktop web browsers.
  • Chrome (Latest Version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Latest Version)
  • Safari (Latest Version)
  • Microsoft Edge (Latest Version)

The Media Capture component should work on all major and maintained browsers that support WebRTC.

Restriction: Due to the deprecation of Adobe Flash Player, Internet Explorer 11 and older versions of Safari are no longer supported for desktop Media Capture.
Officially supported mobile devices:
  • Apple iPhone (Device: 6 Plus+ / iOS: Latest)
  • Android (Latest OS Version)

Officially supported mobile web browsers:

  • Android — Chrome, Firefox, Samsung Internet, Edge for Android
  • iPhone — Safari

Response rates

Medallia LivingLens brings the value of adding video capabilities to feedback. It provides an easy respondent experience and gives companies the ability to bring feedback to life using.

The percentage of respondents who select a video versus audio question, or a media response versus a text open-ended response, depends on a variety of factors. These include:

  • Incentives
  • Transparency about the use of video
  • The question topic

Contact your Medallia Representative for best practices about using Media Capture in a survey.

In Customer Experience (CX), as a general rule, you can expect a response rate of ~0.5%-5%, depending on how the best practices are implemented. For wider market research applications, the same principles apply but scale is usually smaller and therefore incentives can be larger, resulting in higher response rates.