Zoom integration

The Medallia LivingLens integration with Zoom allows users to import Zoom cloud recorded meetings into any LivingLens channel they have access to, via the LivingLens platform.

If the Zoom account is set to produce a machine transcription of the meeting (English only), you have the option to upload that transcript alongside your meeting recording.

Import is powered by the Medallia LivingLens Zoom app in the Zoom App Marketplace.

Zoom account requirements

The Medallia LivingLens Zoom app requires the following Zoom permissions:

  • View user's meetings ​— This is required to extract the meeting information
  • View user's recordings ​— This is required to extract the cloud recordings
  • View user's information ​— This is required for the app de-authorization process

Zoom meeting requirements

Record to cloud ​— LivingLens can only import meetings that a user Records to Cloud, as these are stored in Zoom cloud storage

For additional recommendations, see Zoom import.

Zoom app approval

Some Zoom accounts require that Zoom Marketplace apps be approved by an account's Zoom Admin before they can be accessed by anyone on the Zoom account.

LivingLens recommends checking if your Zoom account requires Zoom app pre-approved by your Zoom Admin. If it is required, request your Admin's approval for the Medallia LivingLens Zoom app via the Zoom App Marketplace.

When the Medallia LivingLens Zoom app is approved and available on your Zoom account, connect your LivingLens and Zoom accounts. For more information, see Connecting LivingLens and Zoom accounts.