Text search is available in a LivingLens channel. Search returns media items if the searched text is contained in:

  • Text transcripts (English transcripts and translations and non-English transcripts).
  • Media titles
  • Media descriptions
  • Objects — if Object Recognition is activated on the channel.

Using search

On the Media Library screen, type a word or phrase into the Search field and click Enter on your keyboard.

Search returns results including pluralized and conjugated versions of a search term.

Searching a phrase returns media that contains any of the terms in the phrase. To search for an exact phrase, put the search term or phrase in quotation marks "" to only return results with the exact mention.

Search does not support Boolean operators.

English translation facilitates English search regardless of the language spoken in video and audio. Search for terms in English, for example "store" to find the term in the English translation of the respondent's spoken word "tienda".

Note: Search cannot retrieve media in other LivingLens channels.
Search results display

Search results appear in the Media Library in descending order by relevance. The media file with the most instances of the search term(s) appears in the top left.

All search results are highlighted yellow.

In video and audio transcripts, the platform displays the number of identified search terms. The first search term is highlighted green. Click through the < and > arrows above the transcript field to jump between transcript search results to see the context of the search terms.

LivingLens media view with search terms highlighted.

If Object Recognition is activated, the Object tab automatically opens and displays a search term where it is identified in the video.