Word cloud

A Medallia LivingLens word cloud displays the channel transcripts' Key Themes. Words are sized according to how many media files they appear in, with the largest terms appear in the most media items. For more information on Key Themes processing, see Key Themes Analysis.

Note: If the word cloud is not available on a channel, file a ticket with LivingLens Support via Medallia Knowledge Center to activate on the required channel.

The word cloud only displays English terms sourced from spoken word English transcripts and English translations. Common speech terms, such as "and," "but," "or," do not display in the word cloud.

A word cloud generated by LivingLens.

Using the word cloud

  1. To open the word cloud, click word cloud Word Cloud.

  2. Review the displayed words and phrases.

  3. Click any word or phrase. A Help with Word Cloud tool tip is available for reference.

    1. Left-click to select a word or phrase in the cloud to filter to media the Media Library. The term will appear as a filter at the top of the Media Library.

    2. Right-click to remove a word or phrase from the cloud to adjust the display.

  4. The channel content displays word cloud search results by relevance, with the most relevant content appearing in the upper left of the Media Library.

  5. Click a media thumbnail to open the Media View.

  6. ClickKeywords icon Highlight Keywords to view all Key Themes.

  7. In the Media Library, close the word cloud by clicking word cloud Close Word Cloud.

  8. Click x next to the filter word to return it to the word cloud. You can also reset filters from the filter drawer to remove all selected word cloud filters at once.

Tip: Make selections in the Filter drawer and then open the word cloud to see terms based on filtered content.

It is not possible to export a word cloud from the Media Library. If you have access to the Analytics module, export the Keyword chart to access the word cloud.