Adding a transition

When creating a showreel, use transitions to create a title card and text transition slides between clips.

In the showreel editor, click the plus button in the media carousel to add a transition slide.

A screenshot of the media carousel in the LivingLens showreel editor. The Add Transition button is called out.

A transition appears as grey tile in the showreel media carousel.

Styling a transition slide

After you create a transition slide, click its grey tile in the showreel carousel to style the transition slide.

A screenshot of a showreel editor Transition slide editor.

Available styling:

  • Background — Choose the slide background color. Click the menu and select a color using the color picker or type in the color hex code.

  • Image — Upload an image to be the transition slide background. Click Upload Image to select and upload an image.

    Image file must be in a supported format: .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .PNG8, .GIF, .BMP. Image should be 16:9 aspect ratio.

    Once an image is uploaded, modify the image by clicking Change or Remove.

  • Transition Duration — Set the length of time the transition slide appears in the showreel. By default, the duration is 5 seconds. Move the slider between 0 and 60 seconds. The slide duration appears on the grey transition tile in the media carousel.

Click Save to save the transition slide.

Adding text overlay

To add text on the transition slide, click Add Text Overlay to extend the text overlay editor.

If you have saved Styling configuration settings, these settings replace the platform defaults.

  • Text Overlay — Input the text that appears on the transition slide.
  • Font — Select a font. Arial font is default.
  • Font Size — Select a font size. Type in a value between 20-100 or use the up and down arrows. Size 40 font is default.
  • Text Colour — Select a text color using the color picker or type in the color hex code. White text color is default.
  • Text Background — Select a text background color using the color picker or type in the color hex code. Black text background color is default.
  • Transparency — Select text background color transparency. 100% transparency is default, alternatives are 50% and 0% transparency.

  • Text Position — Select text placement on the transition slide.
    • Choose Top, Middle or Bottom of the screen. By default, Middle is selected.
    • Choose Left aligned icon Left, Center aligned icon Center or Right aligned icon Right aligned. By default, Center aligned icon Center is selected.
  • Text Duration — Move the sliders to set the length of time the text appears on the clip. By default, duration is the full length of the clip.
Note: Take read rate into account when determining Text Duration. Read rate is the approximate amount of time it take to read text. Time yourself reading the text to determine a read rate.
Click Save to save the text overlay and styling on the transition slide.

The following video shows how to style and add text overlay to a transition slide.