Generating a showreel for download

Once a showreel has all desired clips and transition slides, generate the showreel for download. This creates a downloadable .MP4 file of the showreel.

To generate a showreel for download:

  1. In the showreel editor, click Save to save any recent edits.

  2. Click Generate Showreel.

  3. In the Generate Showreel modal, confirm the Generation configuration settings.

    To make changes, click X or Cancel to leave the modal. Navigate back to the Generate configuration editor to update and save new settings.

  4. If the showreel has clips with blurring applied, the option to Use Unblurred Media? is available. Tick Use Unblurred Media? to use the unblurred version of the media in the generated showreel.
  5. Click Generate. This begins processing and automatically loads the Showreels screen.

Showreel generation takes a few minutes. When the showreel status is Generating, the system retrieves the clips from the original media, inputs transition slides, and overlays subtitle and overlay text depending on showreel generation settings.


Refresh the Showreels screen to see status updates. Showreel status does not automatically refresh.

The showreel status is Generated when the showreel is available for download.

To download a showreel, on the Showreels screen click Down arrow menu icon and select Download.