Styling configuration

Styling Configuration is a text styling editor in the Showreel editor. Adjust default text settings in the Styling Configuration editor so they appear in clip and transition slide text overlay.

Styling Configuration settings only apply to clips and transition slides made after the settings are saved. They do not apply to clips and transitions made before the settings are saved.

To make Default Styling Configuration settings:

1. In the showreel editor, click Settings and select Styling to access the editor.

A screenshot of the LivingLens showreel editor with the Default Styling Configuration modal window open.

2. In the Default Styling Configuration modal, select defaults for the showreel text overlay:

  • Font — Select a font. Ariel font is default.
  • Font Size — Select a font size. Type in a value between 20-100 or use the up and down arrows. Size 40 font is default.
  • Text Colour — Select a text color using the color picker or type in the color hex code. White text color is default.
  • Background — Select a text background color using the color picker or type in the color hex code. Black text background color is default.
  • Transparency — Select text background color transparency. 100% transparency is default, alternatives are 50% and 0% transparency.

3. Click Save.

Tip: Styling Configuration is most effective if you make these settings after making your first clip. Your Styling Configuration settings overwrite the platform's default text styling values for any clip and transition slide made after the settings are saved.
Edit Styling Configuration at any point before you generate the showreel.
Tip: Make Styling Configuration settings depending on the type of media to avoid editing clips or slides styling on an item by item basis. For example, make settings that apply to every clip. Then, edit Styling Configuration settings before making transition slides so the new settings appear in every transition slide.