Medallia LivingLens October 2022 (22LCR7)

System Requirements

LivingLens platform

Supported browsers — (latest versions) Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari

Media Capture

Supported browsers

  • Desktop — (latest versions) Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari

  • Android — Chrome, Firefox, Samsung Internet, Edge for Android

  • iPhone — Safari

Release Highlights

LivingLens platform

  • Customer Admins may now delete filter groups from a channel. For more information, see Create and edit filters.

  • Date Range, Duration Range, and Sentiment filters are now displayed as Standard filters. For more information, see Filters.

  • If a channel has Custom filters, these are now displayed automatically.

Resolved Issues

  • A fix has been implemented that resolves the slow load of a user's list of showreels after making a clip.

  • A generic error message when a user uploads a media file with a title longer than the maximum character limit has been updated. The platform error message now now advises users of the 75 character maximum for media titles.