Language identification

Language Identification (LID) is a licensed software component that performs spoken language identification. LID is a licensed optional feature that is enabled per transcription request by setting the parameter lid=true .

Given an interval of audio, LID outputs the identity of the single language spoken (for example “Spanish” or “English”) in that audio. In cases when a submitted interval contains speech in more than one language, LID identifies the language spoken for the largest proportion of that interval.

For transcription requests with lid=true , the default language model, or model specified in the model stream tag, will be assumed. If a LID-supported language is detected, the ASR engine will switch to the same model of the detected language, like in the following example:

  1. Transcription requested with LID enabled.

  2. North American English call center (eng1:callcenter) model is the default language model.

  3. ASR Engine detects Spanish.

  4. Language model is switched to North American Spanish call center (spa1:callcenter).

Note: LID is only supported for North American English and Spanish languages. Results for English and Spanish language dialects other than North American may vary but should work in most instances.

For more information on how to use LID, refer to Receiving language identification information for V-Blaze or Receiving language identification information for V-Cloud.