Language identification

Language Identification (LID) is a licensed software component that performs spoken language identification. LID is a licensed optional feature that is enabled per transcription request by setting the parameter lid=true .

Given an interval of audio, LID outputs the identity of the single language spoken (for example, "French") in that audio. In cases when a submitted interval contains speech in more than one language, LID identifies the language spoken for the largest proportion of that interval.

For transcription requests with lid=true , the default language model, or model specified in the model stream tag, will be assumed. If a LID-supported language is detected, the ASR engine will switch to the same model of the detected language, like in the following example:

  1. Transcription requested with LID enabled.

  2. North American English call center (eng-us:callcenter) model is the default language model.

  3. ASR Engine detects Spanish.

  4. Language model is switched to the appropriate model.

Note: LID is only supported for English-Spanish and English-French language pairs.
For more information on how to use LID, refer to Receiving language identification information for V-Blaze or Receiving language identification information for V-Cloud.