Implementation guides for connecting V-Blaze and OrecX for real-time or post-call transcription

Direct-to-Transcript (DtT) is a lightweight call processing platform that facilitates real-time and post-call transcription. DtT uses these components:

  • V-Blaze — DtT uses V‑Blaze's Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine to transcribe audio.

  • OrecX Audio — The OrecX Audio capture service provides call audio and metadata for Direct-to-Transcript. It supports active and passive VoIP recording.

  • Voci AdapterVoci Adapter is the middleware linking OrecX Audio, V‑Blaze's ASR engine, and the endpoint to which utterances, transcripts, and audio are delivered.

  • OrecX Web (optional) — OrecX Web (orkweb) is a web application that stores call audio and associated metadata in a database. OrecX Web also provides a user interface to manage and view the files received from OrecX Audio.

OrecX Audio establishes a connection to a telephony network to capture audio and metadata. Voci Adapter manages the following processes:

  1. Provide the audio and metadata captured by OrecX Audio to V‑Blaze for transcription.

  2. Deliver transcribed utterances and metadata to an endpoint in real time.

  3. Deliver a complete transcript along with the associated audio file and metadata to the desired endpoint when a call is complete.