Enable Kinesis video stream to capture audio

Go to the Amazon Connect console and select the instance created in Create a Connect instance.
  1. Go to the Data storage page from the Instances menu. Look for the Live media streaming section and click Edit
  2. Select the Enable live media streaming checkbox.
    1. In the Prefix field, enter a string to use with the Kinesis video streams.

      The prefix makes it easier to identify the streams containing audio data. Each call will generate a Kinesis video stream named with the following syntax: [prefix]-connect-[username]-contact-[uniqueid].

    2. Select a key from the AWS KMS key list to encrypt the data stream.
    3. Enter a number and select a unit for the Set data retention period field.

      If you select No data retention, data is only available for immediate use.

    4. Click Save.
  3. Contact support@vocitec.com to complete the setup.