Voci's redaction feature recognizes and removes sensitive numeric values from transcripts and audio. Enable redaction by setting the values of scrubtext (redacts transcripts) and scrubaudio (redacts audio) to true when submitting audio for transcription. Refer to the following topics for more information on enabling redaction for each Voci product:

The ASR engine uses preconfigured redaction rules by default. These default rules redact all numbers with the following exceptions:

  1. Ordinal numbers

  2. Percentages

  3. Times

  4. Prices

  5. Short decimal numbers

You can customize the information you do not want redacted by creating redaction rules. Redaction rules allow to create your own matching specifications. In general, the best practice is to redact the following:

  • Fifteen and sixteen digit numbers – Visa and MasterCard are sixteen digits and American Express is fifteen digits

  • Four and five digit numbers – People typically speak in blocks of four or five digits when providing credit card numbers

  • Nine digit numbers – Social Security numbers

  • Three digit numbers – Credit Verification Value (CVV) numbers

Note: Voci recommends the cautious approach of redacting all numbers.