Sample code

The sample code in this section was produced by V‑Blaze version 7.0.0. Some text has been redacted and replaced with hash marks (' # ') to remove identifying information.

The following naming and typographic conventions are used throughout this information:

  • HTTP indicates that both HTTP and HTTPS are supported

  • Italicized in examples indicates template text that must be replaced with a value suitable to your environment

  • Underlining is used in examples to call attention to regions most relevant to the concept being illustrated

The sample audio files that are used in this tutorial are shipped as examples for use in testing the Voci products. These sample files are installed in the /opt/voci/server/examples directory on your Voci system(s).


The language models that are installed on your V‑Blaze system may differ from those used in the examples in the example sections. If you encounter problems running any of these examples, you can check the available language models on your V‑Blaze system by executing a command like the following:

    curl http://vblaze_name:17171/models

Replace vblaze_name with the name of the system on which the Voci software is installed.