Table 1. Redaction Parameters





false (default), true

Specifies that no transcript should be returned.

Tip: To return just a scrubbed audio file, specify the following tags: output=text,notext=true,scrubaudio=true


false (default),


Supply the scrubaudio=true tag to apply the redaction feature to audio. When this option is specified, a zip file containing the redacted audio will return along with the transcript. Sections of audio where sensitive numbers are spoken are replaced with silence. See scrubtext for more information on what constitutes a sensitive number. Refer to scrubaudio for more information on this parameter.



Used to specify JSON-formatted redaction scrubbing rules to override the default rules. See the scrubtext section for information about default scrubbing rules. Refer to scrubconf for more information on this parameter.


Specifies the number of seconds within which two scrubbed audio sections will be merged when the scrubaudio tag is set to true . Defaults to 0.3. This is a fine-tuning parameter that rarely needs adjustment.


false (default), true

Pass the scrubsil=true tag to make redaction remove audio from regions where speech was not detected. This parameter only applies when scrubaudio is set to true . This setting increases security by blanking out audio that could contain sensitive information at a very low signal level, below the Voice Activity Detection (VAD) threshold.


false (default), true

Specify the scrubtext=true tag to apply Voci 's redaction feature to transcript text. Redaction recognizes and removes sensitive numeric values from results. By default, sensitive numbers are any string of numeric digits (as produced when numtrans=true ) that do not fit into an “allowable” pattern. Refer to scrubtext for more information on this parameter.


integer (default 0)

Delay start of scrubbing until specified (N) seconds into audio. The scruboffset value is expected to be a non-negative integer. If it is not specified, the value defaults to 0, in which case the entire audio is available for scrubbing.

This parameter is only available using V‑Blaze version 7.2+.