V-Cloud API docs

Documentation for V‑Cloud, the REST API for Voci's cloud ASR engine service

The V‑Cloud API is a collection of REST web services that can be accessed by any programming language capable of performing HTTP POST and GET calls. The endpoint for this service is available at https://vcloud.vocitec.com.

Available methods and mandatory parameters for the V‑Cloud API are discussed in Querying V‑Cloud status and Transcribing audio files. V‑Cloud transcription parameters has a complete list of all the available V‑Cloud parameters.

Note: All audio file examples use the WAV audio file format , identified by the .wav filename extension. MP3 files are not supported by V‑Cloud unless transcode=true . Refer to Adjusting for audio for more information on the transcode parameter.

Web service

The V‑Cloud API utilizes web services to receive requests and return results. The following image illustrates some web service interactions between your system and the V‑Cloud API.

Figure 1. V‑Cloud Architecture

To transcribe an audio file, send a POST request with a single audio file or a zip file containing multiple audio files. Successful POST requests return a requestid to retrieve the results in a separate GET request. Alternatively, if you have a callback server set up, the results automatically post to the specified endpoint when the transcription process is complete.


The callback mechanism is the recommended way to receive transcription results. It provides the shortest turnaround time because no subsequent request is required to retrieve results.