Controlling billing transactions

A transcription request can be associated with a specific billable entity by using the tag billing =ENTITY, where ENTITY is the name or number of the billing group with which you want to associate this transcription event:

curl -F file=@sample1.wav \
     -F token=your-token-here \
     -F billing=joeuser \

In this example, the usage costs associated with the transcription of sample1.wav would be associated with the billing group joeuser in your monthly report.


As a general rule, avoid commas when specifying billing entities unless you are trying to collate or count large numbers of unique substrings.

Billing tag strings that contain a comma are split into separate strings ( name and acctstring ) around the first comma. The acctstring field can be used for unique substrings, such as phone numbers or user account IDs, for further analysis.