V‑Spark is a robust web server tool engineered for call centers that use Voci's ASR engine. The current version of the web server runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Community Enterprise Operating System (CentOS) versions 7.9 and greater, within the version 7 family.

As a web server, V‑Spark has robust out-of-the-box capabilities:

  • Handles audio data ingestion, transcription, and analytics jobs.

  • Manages queues, databases, and long-term storage.

  • Stores and sends transcription and analytics results.

  • Serves an HTML-based UI to users with a variety of roles and system access.

  • Offers an API for programmatic functionality implementation.

Use V‑Spark with a web browser or the REST API to:

  • Transcribe, organize, archive, search, and analyze pre-existing or incoming audio.

  • Replay audio while viewing annotated transcripts and analytics data for individual files or calls.

  • Visualize aggregate call statistics and analytics data for specific time periods.

  • Search and tag calls for additional review.

  • Generate monthly and daily reports about call activity in terms of key metrics.

  • Create, edit, and deploy applications to analyze and score transcripts for specific phrases, agent performance, customer insights, compliance, or any other speech attribute or audio event.

  • Provide various levels of end user system access based on role.

  • Support and manage discrete instances that provide all of the above for multiple clients via clustered hosting and multitenancy.

Note: Some operations require system administrator access. Others require write access to a company or organization.