Monitor jobs

The Application Jobs Queue enables you to monitor the progress of various jobs including application reprocessing and folder application score deletion. It will display automatically after submitting a reprocessing or delete request, or can be displayed using the queue button found at the top of the Application Settings page.

The queue displays Application, Folder, and Organization names as well as the Type of job (Reprocess, Summarize, or Delete), the Date range that was selected for reprocessing, Queue Start, and the Status of each job. Queue Start is a timestamp of when a job starts reprocessing after that job has been added to the queue.

All reprocessing jobs remain in the application queue for 30 minutes. The Status column indicates the status of the job.

  • Waiting... — In the queue to be reprocessed.

    Waiting jobs will also have a stop button visible. Use the stop reprocessing function to remove this waiting job from the queue.

  • Percent Completed — Reprocessing has started, and is partially complete.

    Reprocessing jobs will also have a stop button visible. Applications that are reprocessing cannot be edited in the application editor. Use the stop reprocessing function if you need to make an application configuration change for improved scoring. A reprocessing job that is stopped early may have incomplete or inaccurate file scores which may or may not be displayed on the dashboard.

  • Completed — Processed successfully.

  • WARNING — Processed, but difficulties were encountered.

  • ERROR — Not processed successfully.

If there is a warning or error, contact your system administrator for more information.