Reprocess applications

Reprocessing an application consists of scoring a folder's existing transcripts against an application configuration. Reprocessing an application is necessary when a folder that already contains transcribed audio is linked to a new application, or when the application's configuration is modified.

Applications can be reprocessed from the Applications page found in the Settings menu. A reprocess button is available for every application listed in the Applications table. The reprocess button appears active (green) when the application has been modified, even if changes do not result in new scores.

  1. Locate the application in the Applications table and select the green Reprocess Application button on the right-hand side of the table to view the "Reprocess Agent Scorecard" dialog.

Use the dialog to choose which folder and transcripts should be rescored using the current application configuration.

  1. Select folders for reprocessing. By default, this drop-down will only list folders with transcripts that have not been scored against the application's current configuration.

  2. List all folders that are linked to the selected application in the folder selection drop-down.

  3. Choose Date Range for transcripts to be reprocessed. This action will rescore all transcripts starting from the chosen start date through the chosen end date.

  4. Select to process all data in the selected folders

  5. Select to update scores in JSON transcript files. This option will slow reprocessing and should only be used if you use the bulk download feature or APIs to extract JSON transcripts for analysis.

  6. Queue application reprocessing for the selected date range

Once application reprocessing jobs have been queued, the progress of scoring can be monitored by viewing the Application Jobs Queue.