Activity log

System administrators can use the Activity Log to view user activity and system events. Click Settings > Activity Log. The Activity Log screen displays:

activity log screen

Select any column heading to sort log entries according to the values in that column. Entries can be filtered by any or all of the following fields:

  1. Filter results by Company, Organization, and User. Select a filter option from the dropdown menu for each entity type. Only one filter per entity type may be active.

  2. Filter results by activity type or severity. Click the Filter by... button. The following Types and Severity levels display:

    • API — Operations made using the API to create, delete, or update values for companies, organizations, folders, and applications.

    • Application — Operations related to application summaries, processing, linking, and reprocessing.

    • Audio evaluator — File uploads made using the audio evaluator to check for file format support.

    • Callback — Warnings and errors that occurred during file callbacks.

    • Data management — File deletion events, whether files were deleted manually or automatically due to an organization's retention policy. Also includes low space warnings.

    • Login — User logins, logouts, and invalid login attempts. Only explicit user login and logout actions are captured, and not session timeouts that force a user logout.

    • Setting — Operations made using the UI to create, delete, or modify companies, organizations, folders, and applications. Also includes warnings created when file processing is paused due to invalid company server configuration.

    • System — Operations that start or check back-end and front-end services; check licensing status; or change the system to normal, read-only, and safe modes.

    • Update [deprecated] — Operations related to updating Elasticsearch records without transcript IDs.

    • Upload — File uploads made for initial transcription.

    • User management — Operations that create, verify, delete, or change the company, organization, or permissions associated with a user account.

    • Tag — Operations for adding or removing file tags.

    Events of all types can be filtered by the following Severity levels:

    • Info — Operations that constitute basic system activity, such as user logins and logouts, file uploads, or company and organization updates.

    • Warning — Company processing limit notifications and issues that caused file processing to pause, such as invalid company configurations.

    • Error — Events that caused processing to fail altogether.

  3. date — Filter results by the specified date and time range. Click the date range box, then use the calendars to find and click the beginning and end dates.

  4. key word search — Filter results by the specified key words. Enter the search terms; results will update automatically as terms are entered. Key words are checked against the Company, Organization, User, and Message fields associated with an event.