Note: The System Status page was revamped with V‑Spark version 4.0.2-1. Systems using any 4.0.1 release will see data laid out differently from how it is described on this page. Systems using any release prior to 4.0.1-7 do not have access to the System Status page.

Click Settings > System to view the System Status page. Data on this page can be used to view system attributes, service status, and data processing flows.

System information is divided into two tabs: System Status shows basic information about host system hardware, along with service uptimes, usage, and other metrics. Processing & Performance shows audio call, folder, ASR, and callback queue and processing metrics. The data fields displayed in each tab are listed in the following tables:

Table 1. System Status Tab Fields





Displays host CPU attributes, including the number of CPUs, threads per core, cores per socket, and model name.

Load Averages

Displays the average system load over the last minute, 5 minutes, and 15 minutes.


Displays memory usage, including slab and sreclaimable memory.

Services Overview


Displays the active status for each V‑Spark component, and if it is active, indicates how long it has been running.


Displays the attributes of each Elasticsearch node, along with the number of objects stored, the space consumed, the latest and oldest documents, and the total number of calls stored.


Displays the memory usage and number of objects stored in Redis.


Displays the space consumed (in MB) and number of objects stored in SQL.

(Local) Storage

Displays the size, usage, availability, use percentage, and mount location of each local storage filesystem.

Table 2. Processing & Performance Tab Fields



Queue Status

Displays metrics for call submission and processing queues.


Lists how many calls (audio files) there are at various points of system data flow:


The number of calls submitted but not yet active in the ASR processing flow.

Active in ASR

The number of calls submitted for ASR transcription, but not yet complete.

ASR Complete

The number of calls successfully transcribed by the ASR engine.


The number of calls with transcription results in active analysis.

Waiting for Callbacks

The number of calls with enqueued callback results.


The number of callbacks completed.


The total number of calls processed by the system.

Time to Analysis Completion

Displays the minimum, average, and maximum audio processing turnaround times over the following time increments:

  • the last 15 minutes

  • the last hour

  • the last 4 hours

  • the last day

  • the last week

Note: Analysis completion time values do not include callback processing time.

Submitted Queue

Displays the number of calls submitted to each folder for transcription and analysis.

Active in ASR Queue

Displays the number of calls in active processing in each folder.

Folder Activity

Displays a data table of all system folders sortable by the following activity fields:

Files Ingested

The total number of audio and metadata files added to Elasticsearch and assigned a transcriptID in each listed folder. Files deleted after ingestion are not represented in this count.

Audio Duration

The total duration of the folder's audio data in seconds.

Files Completed

The total number of folder audio files that have been successfully processed.

Last Active Date

The last date on which there was activity in the folder.