Changing user profile settings

  1. Click the active account's user-icon Username at the top of the screen.

  2. Click Profile from the drop-down menu. The User Settings screen displays.

  3. Modify the active account's attributes as described in the following sections.

Profile settings

The Profile section of the user settings page shows fields to update the active account's user details and password, as in the following example:

User settings page
Note: The account's username cannot be changed after being set during account creation.

Click Save Changes after altering any profile fields before navigating away from this page. When updating the account password, click Change password.

Email reports

The Email reports section has two drop-down menus used to specify the folders to be included in monthly or daily reports, as in the following example:

Email reports section

Folders are grouped by organization under the organization's short name. If the active account has permission to view an organization, it can select and receive email reports from any of that organization's folders, or from all of that organization's folders.