Table 1. Hinting Parameters





JSON-formatted string or filename

Specifies hint phrases to be used when the ASR server converts a speech audio file into text. Hints are words or phrases for which improved recognition accuracy is desired. They typically include words not existing in the selected language model's dictionary. An example hint is "calling Verizon."

Hints are captured in JSON format. Hints can be stored in a file located on the ASR server, in a file on your local computer, or provided directly in-line with a transcription request.

Hints can be embedded directly in the hints field as shown in the example below.

$ curl -F hints='{"other" : ["Elastix"]}' \
       -F file=@sample.wav \
       -X POST http://vblaze_name:17171/transcribe

Note that JSON uses double quotes ( " ) around field names and values. For this reason, use single quotes ( ' ) to surround the entire JSON structure when hard coding hints in this manner.

Hinting is not enabled by default. If you would like to have hinting enabled, or need more information about hinting, please contact your sales representative.